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    Randy Mitchell - Chairman & Chief Strategic Officer

    As Chief Strategist Officer, Randy Mitchell defines the dream for AVAR Lifestyle Designs International LLC. He is the primary compass for AVAR's mission and vision. As Co-Founder of  AVAR Academy, Randy also oversees and implements all training activities and events.

    Randy Mitchell is a highly recognized business consultant, coach, and mentor with nearly two decades of executive and industry experience in direct sales both in the field as well as having served as a President and CEO / Founder for two different companies.
    As an author of several bodies of work including “Take The Blinders Off”, “The Courage To Begin Again”, “The A-V-A-R Process” and “The 12 Essential Laws of Courage”, Randy is an inspirational speaker and presenter to various interest groups across the country. His humor, motivational messages and “can I be perfectly honest with you” approach rallies team members into positive action. The theme through all of his presentations center around the philosophy that the key to success is the creation of your business or any endeavor is “from the inside out”.™ His body of work provides the road map for this to occur.

    Utilizing the innovative and life-changing vast amount of invigorating and educational material he has created and developed, Randy inspires and motivates people in living their life passionately and with purpose. His programs center on the principle of building a successful business from “the inside out”.

    Randy is highly respected for his ability to resolve difficult problems quickly, effectively and fairly within teams and for being able to make the connection between business partners by ensuring that everyone is positively linked into the vision of what they want accomplished.

    His philosophy and highly respected programs provide the road map AVAR Lifestyle Design Advocates will use to gain the success they desire. He is honest, has experienced management, with outstanding leadership, and knows how to provide the strategy and direction to best serve buyers, sellers, and consultants.

    "Every member of our team is passionate about making a difference in the lives of other people. Our burning desire is to establish above World Class Performance and surpass the standards of excellence we hold ourselves accountable to. It is our belief that by providing the education, resources and support we can make a difference in the world by providing a company that truly focuses on the most important aspect of success and that is the person themselves. By providing all the essentials along with our superior products and financial viability plan our consultants will be well served."

    Ia Jimenez, President of AVAR LifeStyle Design
    Ia Jimenez - President

    As President of AVAR LifeStyle, Ia Jimenez brings more than 16 years of consulting, training, marketing and direct sales experience to cultivate and establish AVAR's lifestyle brand and community. Consistently recognized as one of the top female speakers and trainers for successful, multi-million dollar companies, Ia has worked in a diverse range of industries encompassing telecommunications, health and wellness, digital media, outplacement and entertainment industry sectors. She is a highly sought after personal coach and business consultant known for combining an upbeat approach with compassion and conviction to effectively deliver her message and inspire transformational results. A few of Ia's past consulting clients include Sony, Capital Group, Comcast, Starbucks,Hewlett Packard, AOL and Best Buy.

    Ia has coached thousands of business professionals in the creation and implementation of personalized strategic marketing and communication plans for career progression and life/work balance. As a direct sales leader and executive, she was instrumental in training on effective leadership and social media strategies that ultimately strengthened field productivity, boosted customer receptivity and consumer confidence and positioned companies for global expansion.  She maintains her commitment to training and supporting a solid business community with integrity, unified support and extensive product/service knowledge.  

    Ia's commitment to personal values is always evident in her workstyle.  She was the former radio host for the show “How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children… And Parents Too!” based on the book by Dr. Gerald Newmark. Her engaging style helps others quickly understand and utilize the techniques of life management while balancing the challenges of career success and family priorities. 

    Ia's vast and varied business experience, authentic love for people along with her personal ethics and morals make her an invaluable asset to AVAR's executive team.  

    “It's an honor to be an integral part of establishing the foundation of AVAR LifeStyle Design. I'm personally most passionate about investing in people, by drawing out, truly, the best parts of what is often buried inside them. What excites me, is working with a company and a team that is fully aligned with my personal values whose very commitment to seeing people win in life, is built into every aspect of its infrastructure. In a society increasingly bombarded with negative messages, hidden agendas and overwhelming pressure, AVAR gets to be that light in this industry that beckons people back to hope, healing, community and purposeful living."   


    Gregg Elliott - CFO - Chief Financial Officer

    As a Certified Public Account, Gregg worked at a large regional firm specializing in taxes and retirement pension plans for large regional companies doing 10’s of millions in volume yearly,

    For the last twenty years, Gregg has headed up multiple, international trade and sports associations. Serving as Executive Director for several international trade associations his operational responsibilities are multiple faceted from accounting, contract services to special events, trainings, and seminars.

    “This is a very exciting endeavor working with a company with a huge possibility. The people on the team make a big difference and it certainly is a time in your life to be helping others achieve their dreams. The Essential Services are very intriguing to me as well as part of background.”

    Lori Pheasant -  VP of Customer Relations

    Lori Pheasant joins the AVAR Lifestyle Design team with over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and customer relations. Lori loves to take ideas and concepts, formulate and implement a plan, and see them to fruition. She is always working to improve current systems to provide quality service.  There is nothing more rewarding in her mind.

    Lori has successfully implemented sales and selling systems, established joint ventures and partnerships, and has participated in several start-up business developments from products to luxury real estate.  Her work with diverse groups of audiences is a definite asset to the AVAR Management Team.

    Lori is an avid kick boxer, runner and a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and  participates regularly in charitable fundraising for her community.
    AVAR Lifestyle Design offers what no other network marketing company does. For example the focus of our training is not about recruiting instead it caters to each person’s skill set which is unique to them which allows our Consultants to be successful utilizing the best of their abilities. AVAR Lifestyle Design’s vision to not only help people in biz but to also help people in life is amazing. The Gift 4 life is a fantastic example of the creative aspect of this particular team.”

    Ritha King - Co-Founder

    Serving and training large numbers of people has become second nature to Ritha. As a retired Army Major she has trained thousands of soldiers and joined them while serving in Viet Nam and Desert Storm. She was first introduced to direct sales upon her retirement from the military in 1992.  Ritha soon learned the world is based on marketing and sales and fell in love with the industry like "blood through her veins".

    Utilizing the training she has received from her experience in this industry, has allowed Ritha to market the ten assisted living homes she owns to agencies, clients, and medical staff.

    “Whether you call it Direct Sales, Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing, there is no other place like it. You have a unique opportunity to meet people and train them to expand beyond their day-to-day existence. With proper training you will learn how to market, create income and wealth off what you know and by using products belonging to someone else.

    "As a registered nurse, I believe in health. When I look at the products we have, they are truly products people need that can change their health and AVAR Lifestyle Design is a company that can change their life. We have programs that change the quality of your life and training that can improve your income. I’m excited to be one of those to introduce a better way for people to gain health and wealth.”